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MyConnection Independent Certification Cloud (MICC) Purchase Options

MICC utilizes Visualware’s unique quality and performance assessment technology, which delivers a solution to allow MCS customers to quickly identify and resolve problematic connections that affect the user experience. MCS customers with a ICC license can allocate virtual Quality Assessment Points (QAP) from one or more city locations directly to the target MCS server with a simple click of the mouse.

Number of Testing Days License Term Purchase Price Price per testing day
MICC 5-Testing Days 30 days $199 $39.80
MICC 10-Testing Days 30 days $299 $29.90
MICC 50-Testing Days 180 days $799 $15.98
MICC 100-Testing Days 1 year $999 $9.99

MICC Licensing:

  • Enables testing from cloud-based Quality Assessment Points (QAPs). Licensed per number of testing days within a specified time period from date of purchase. Each QAP utilized will use a minimum of 1 testing day for any tests conducted from a QAP within a 24 hour period.

  • Usage of the MICC Quality Assessment Cloud requires a MyConnection Server license with a CAT (Concurrent Automated Test) license sufficient for the maximum number of concurrent automated test connections desired. For information on adding CAT licenses please contact sales.