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Adding an Access Routing File

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Adding an Access Routing File


Example ARF Format A single IP to a gateway Multiple IPs (/24) to a gateway Everything routed to a gateway

arf file
Fig 1. Example text file. Format suffix .arf

Verify Device Directory

Once the .arf file has been created verify the working directory the Access Device Satellites are using.

To do this check the Satellite and click the Advanced link, as shown below.

The Satellite list can be found at https://your mcs address/myspeed/admin/actstatus

advanced acm
Fig 2. Satellite Advanced Options

Check File Dir Column

The file directory of default is initially assigned for all new satellites that connect. Subsequent directories can be created and assigned to one or more satellites if different configurations are required.

file dir
Fig 3. File directory

Upload .arf file

The file directory, as shown in the section above, can be found in the MyConnection Server root install directory/folder.

The master.arf file must be placed into directory/folder required for the Device(s) assigned to the directory/folder. See example below.

Note: The security protocol will take a few minutes to update the devices. Any off-line devices will update when coming Online.

default file dir
Fig 4. Default file directory