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Enable Throttling for a Satellite

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Enable Throttling for a Satellite

Satellite Tab

Click the Satellite tab from the MCS main menu

satellite tab

Select Satellite(s) and click Advanced

Check the boxes next to the Satellite(s) that require throttling and then click the Advanced link.

check and advanced

Check Delay Option

Check the change delay between tests check-box and then alter the settings as required.


The enforce delay setting determines how long the wait is between tests to a satellite. If a test is attempted before this time is up the test will simply wait the allotted time and then proceed.

The maximum client delay setting determines how long until tests are just rejected. Using the image above as an example, any test that has more than 300 seconds of delay won't wait, a message will displayed along the lines of the test can't be run at this time, please try again later.


Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the Apply Changes setting. The new settings will be picked up the next time the Satellite connects, which will usually be 2-3 minutes.