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Get the Audit for a Test

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Get the Audit for a Test

Locate Test in Database

From the MCS main menu click on the Reporting tab and choose a report type.

reporting tab

Time Stamp

Click the time stamp for the test where the audit is required.

report time stamp

Test Audit Link

Standard Reports

Click the Audit link at the top of the page.

view audit link

Publication Reports

The newer reports that come with a Publication license will group test results into one report that were run together. For example, if a test was run that included a VoIP and Speed test, and the date/time stamp was clicked for the VoIP test, both the VoIP and the Speed results will appear in the report.

With that in mind scroll down the report to the heading section of the desired test type and click the Test ID link. This will launch the audit for the test.

view new audit link

The Audit

The audit is a plain text document with the technical details of the test. If Visualware Support has requested the audit for a test then copy and paste the entire page into a text file and email it to them.

test audit