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PubSat Alias Config

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PubSat Alias Config

Modify pubsat.ini

An MCS Pubsat is required to define one or more target directories that will receive MCS publication reports. These are defined in the pubsat.ini file, located in the root of the PubSat installation directory. When confiuring MCS to publish a report the administror will be asked to provide a name for the alias child directory(s), if required. The alias ini record declares the alias name, and password, required for approval to use the alias. The target root directory must point to a valid directory relative to the host platform. In the example below 'customer1' is the target. Additional child directories can be set, such as /usr/local/htdocs/customer1/production so long as the child directory 'production' exists. If a directory does not exist the publication will be rejected.

Format: <alias name>,<password>,<target root directory><cr>

Example: customer1,password1,/usr/local/apache2/htdocs/customer1