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Perform a test to another Satellite

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Perform a test to another Satellite


This tutorial explains how to change an existing satellite work order (SWO) to test to another Satellite. These can be any server enabled Satelltie, software (NQC) or hardware (Access Device). This tutorial assumes a SWO has already been created and assigned to a Satellite.

View Current Work Order

Click the Satellites tab

satellite tab

Click on the SWO to bring up its current workload.

swo for satellite

To change a work order that hasn't yet been assigned to a Satellite click on the Manage link to the right of the Satellites list, as shown below. Then locate the SWO and click the Change Workorder link.

swo for satellite

swo for satellite


Click the Modify link next to the task to point it to another Satellite for testing. SWOs can have more than one task. Each task can be set to test to a different Satellite/MCS if need be.

speed results

Test To: Preset

The Test To drop down menu contains options for configuring a satellite work order (SWO) to test to another server.

By default this option is set to test to This Server.

That simply means that where ever the SWO is deployed it will test back to the server it was created on.

MCS automatically detects the presence of server enabled Satellites that are currently connected.

The format of these entries is Alias (Satellite IP). In prior MCS versions it was necessary to choose Other MCS/Satellite and manually specify the IP and password. Now simply select the Alias required and save the task to begin testing to that satellite.

This list will still show Satellites that are no longer connected, so it's important to make sure the chosen Satellite is connected and permitted by going to the Satellite tab from the MCS main menu.

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Test To: Other

To manually define another test to location select Other MCS/Satellite from the drop down menu.

As the image on the right shows, a URL/IP and RA Password of the other MCS/Satellite is required. The default RA password is hello. This can be changed in Security Settings.

It's important to note that when specifying a Satellite it must have server capability enabled.

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