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Upgrading a Satellite on Linux

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Upgrading a Satellite on Linux

Download the Satellite

The direct link to the Satellite download page is https://your mcs url/myspeed/admin/deploysatellite

To reach this page via the menu system go to the Satellites tab

sat tab

Then click on Deploy Satellite

deploy satellite

Now click on the Linux download link. This will download a file named nqcsatellite.tar

download Linux satellite

Untar & Run the Installer

Untar the Satellite using the command below:

sudo tar -xvf nqcsatellite.tar

This will list the two files contained within. They should be nqc.tar and

Run the configuration file using the command below. The password for the machine will be required.

sudo sh
untar linux satellite

Confirm over-install

untar linux satellite

Confirm the overwrite by entering Y and hitting enter.

The script will then follow the same protocol as when the Satellite was installed. Click here to review the install instructions.