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Connection Throughput Measurement and Quality Analysis up to 1 Gbps

The MCS Access Series delivers a portable, secure, low cost platform that accurately measures network quality and performance 24x7 making it an ideal solution for:

•  Field engineers focused on resolving onsite customer problems delivers off platform testing isolates interference 'from' and eliminates risks 'to' using customer hardware.
•  Quality assurance of critical network connections delivers automated quality testing for multiple connections from a single network edge 24x7
•  Customer self-assessment problem identification delivers connection quality and performance testing directly to the customers desktop browser
•  Pre qualification of connections for new customer deployments delivers a non-invasive automated solution to validate customer network quality and performance prior to a new application rollout.
•  Secure public domain deployment delivers a 'no operating system' testing platform eliminating virus and hacking risks associated with conventional PC/server solutions.

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The AccessCXT and CXM devices are the latest additions to the MCS Access Series family of micro appliances that extend the MyConnection Server network performance testing solution. The AccessCXT/CXM appliances provide a cost effective and easily managed solution to test fiber connections to 1 Gbps.

•  Accurate measurement of fiber connections up to 1 gigabit
•  Identification of network errors that impact connection service
•  Test 1 or 2 network edge points from a single device

Wired, wireless, 3G and 4G

Accuracy and precision

Deployment and operational use

MCS Access Series appliances are designed to operate seamlessly with Visualware's MyConnection Server (MCS) enterprise Remote Testing Framework (RTF).

MCS delivers a centrally managed scalable remote testing solution that supports a wide range of platforms in a single architecture covering wired, wireless, 3G and 4G connections. This delivers a single solution that covers standard desktop and server platforms such as Windows, Linux and Solaris as well as mobile platforms such as iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Mobile etc.

The MCS RTF allows all types of connections to be monitored and tested over long or short periods of time delivering a wide range of critical performance indicators including:

•  Data flow quality, throughput speed and capacity.
•  Routing performance, peering efficiency and quality.
•  VoIP and Video quality and performance.
•  Availability and performance or application services such as DNS.

The MCS Access Series delivers an 'off platform' solution that eliminates interference of the host platform operating system, other coexisting applications that contend for connection resources and poor configuration options. The Access Series delivers an 'off platform' solution that is acutely accurate and designed to actively discover a wide range of connection quality problems as follows:

•  Retransmits.
•  Timeouts.
•  Out of order packets.
•  Lost, corrupt of duplicate packets.
•  Windowing problems that occur in real time.

Low cost of ownership

The MCS Access Series is a low power, low heat solution. Simplicity of design combined with a secure architecture and low day to day running costs positions the MCS Access Series as a solution that easily adapts to small and large networks whether B2B, B2C, wired, wireless, 3G and 4G.

The MCS Access Series platform supports two model types:

•  The AccessCT/CXT that delivers an automated quality testing client solution.
•  The AccessCM/CXM that delivers both an automated quality testing client and a quality testing server in a single device.

The test portfolio of the MCS Access Series supports TCP throughput and quality, VoIP, Route and UDP capacity. The service portfolio of the MCS Access Series supports FTP, DNS HTTP and Ping.

The seamless integration of the MCS Access Series solutions into the existing MyConnection Server framework coupled with the secure architecture affords the customer a highly flexible and effective distribution/deployment model capable of addressing a wide range of connection testing requirements. MCS Access Series appliances can be deployed throughout the network as a client, as a server or as both client and server, delivering global end-to-end or local edge-to-edge testing services.

Deployment Examples

1. Central AccessCM/CXM server to remote client browsers (one to many model)

Benefits include:

•  Seamless delivery of secure self-help quality and performance testing of B2C.
•  B2B desktops via the standard browser.
•  Low cost fast deployment.


2. Central AccessCM/CXM server to mobile users WiFi, 3G, 4G (one to many model)

Benefits include:

•   Manages quality of mobile connections, smart phones and tablets
•  Low cost, fast deployment

3. Remote AccessCT/CXT client for persistent testing of permanent connections to the MCS Server

Benefits include:

•  Measures connection quality to the MCS server fully automated 24x7.
•  Delivers baseline data over time.
•  Detects variation in quality outside operational hours.
•  Support proactive problem resolution.

4. Work-at-home and onsite field engineering support remote AccessCT/CXT delivers automated managed support

Benefits include:

•  Measures connection quality to the MCS server over time.
•  Non-invasive to customer time.
•  Eliminates use of customer equipment.
•  Off-platform ensures no PC configuration interference.

5. AccessCT/CXT and AccessCM/CXM delivers quality testing edge-to-edge and client-to-edge, WiFi, 3G, 4G and wired

Benefits include:

•  Quality edge-to-edge and end-to-end testing.
•  Secure and robust public domain facing services.
•  Remote quality testing user-to-edge for mobile and deskbound users.
•  Low cost through centralized management and reporting.
•  Automated and self help testing.