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Network Service Assessment

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Network Service Assessment

Performance measurement of critical network services

There are a number of critical network services that support business applications. If these services have performance problems then the user experience will be at risk. For example, Domain Name Services (DNS) is crucial.

So, what does this mean for network measurement...?

Speed testing is a measurement of connection performance. Service testing measures the services that applications will use. If the network is affecting those services it will have an effect on the application.

MCS provides a number of service related tests, such as DNS, FTP and SNMP, that can also be affected by the network. This is important because they can have just as big of an impact on the application as bandwidth. One of the most useful service tests is SNMP, because it allows the assessment of utilization and demand on compliant routers, switches and firewalls. This enriches the bandwidth measurement data of how the network is performing and helps to find the cause of any problems.