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Learn how MCS can be deployed to overcome critical business challenges. Including managing Work from Home connections, VoIP services, world-wide network assessment, and much more.

Current Release: v11.3f build 6532 (March 21st, 2024)

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MCS Requirements

Other Downloads

download the visualware bcs utility


v5.6.0 v1, released January 18th, 2024.

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NCS Datasheet

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download NCS firmware

NCS Device Firmware ?

Last release: January 26th, 2024.

download NCS config program

NCS Config Utility ?

Configure/update firmware for a NCS device.


MCS Management Server

MCS Satellite Servers (SW)

MCS Quality Test Satellite Servers, Rack Mount Appliances (HW)

MCS Client Satellites (for automated testing from remote systems)

Client Browser Support

MCS in-browser testing solutions are only officially supported by the mainstream browsers listed below:

Internet Explorer and other less mainstream browsers may still work but are not officially supported.

Virtual Servers

MCS may be run on a virtual server. However a small number of users have experienced erroneous jitter reports due to an inaccurate timer on a virtual server. If you are planning to utilize the VoIP test, we recommend an initial validation of the results by comparing jitter test results from MCS on a dedicated server and the virtual server.

Java Requirements

MyConnection Server (MCS) version 10 or above no longer requires Java to be present on any client computer. MCS does require Java on the server platform. If installing on Linux then most popular platforms already have the Oracle Open JDK installed. Visualware fully supports the Oracle Java Open JDK. MCS requires the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) and version 8 or above is recommended. Please note other Java versions from Oracle, such as Java SE, may require an additional Java support license from Oracle. Please review for more information on Oracle license requirements, Java Open JDK and any additional license requirements for Java SE releases.

To validate the Oracle Java version in use:-

  • Open a command prompt
  • type java -version and press the enter key
  • The Oracle JVM version will be reported if present

It is recommended that you keep the Java VM up to date with Oracle releases. Keep in mind that Java is no longer required in the client.

SQL Database API (optional)

MCS includes a proprietary database that automatically logs all test results. Use of the API requires a licensed external SQL database:

MySQL: Download Connector/J from the MySQL web site.

Microsoft SQL Server: Download the SQL Server JDBC from the Microsoft web site.

Port Requirements

The default ports for the various MyConnection Server test types are listed below. The ports can be changed if needed in the MCS server configuration page.

MySpeed: TCP, ports 20000, 20001
MyVoIP: UDP, ports 20000, 20001, TCP port 5060 (SIP test)
MyCapacity: UDP, port 8090
MyRoute: ICMP outbound - echo request; ICMP inbound - TTL expired in transit, Echo reply
MyFirewall: UDP/TCP, these ports (or port ranges) are set in the 'custom test' option

MyConnection Server includes a web engine which normally runs on HTTP port 80, although it can run on other ports. If MCS is to coexist on a server with IIS and you want MCS to run on port 80, see: stop IIS port grab.