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Work From Home

MCS can help ensure remote workers have acceptable network performance to carry out business critical tasks.

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The Challenges

Working from home used to be a luxury, but it's quickly becoming normality with employees even refusing to come back to work and quitting if it's enforce.

There are lots of benefits to working from home but it also present challenges. Employees who work from home may experience network problems for several reasons, which impact their ability to competently do their job. It's imperative that their home network is up to the task(s).

These challenges include:

Inadequate Internet connections
Employees may have a slow or unstable internet connection that can cause connectivity issues or make it difficult to perform tasks that require high, consistent, bandwidth.
Insufficient home network setup
Home networks may not be set up to handle the demands of remote work, such as multiple devices or high traffic volumes, leading to connectivity issues or poor performance.
Network congestion
Employees sharing the same internet connection with other family members who are streaming videos or playing online games, can lead to network congestion that can degrade the quality of their connection.
Cybersecurity threats
Employees working from home may not have the same level of security measures in place as they do in an office environment, making their network and devices more vulnerable to cyber-attacks.
Distance from the company server
Remote workers who are geographically distant from the company server may experience latency and connectivity issues that can impact their work performance.
Hardware issues
Employees may experience hardware issues, such as a faulty router, that can cause network problems.

The MCS Solution

The MCS solution encompasses a wide variety of tools to assess and diagnose network problems. Our 30+ years of experience in network connections and performance adds to the data analysis and can quickly put forward action steps to resolve issues.

The test suite includes VoIP & Video, Connection Capacity, Port Availability, Traceroute, Bandwidth Quality and Throughput, and some key service monitoring tools like DNS and Ping.

These tests can be combined and automated to provide a deep understanding of how a network, or networks, is performing.

Deployment examples

A browser test can be used as a one-off test, giving the user a snapshot of how a connection is performing at that moment in time.

Automated testing can be used to run tests over a long period of time, which increases the chance of finding issues. For example, it may only be one particular time of day where issues occur. Knowing this helps narrow down the cause, which leads to a solution.

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