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The Technology

An overview of the technology behind MyConnection Server

myconnection server technology


MyConnection Server (MCS) is a network assessment tool set that precisely measures, tests, and reports the performance, quality, and efficiency of network connections end-to-end and edge-to-edge.

The proprietary testing engine - and with it the data and reporting - delivers unrivalled insight into how a network is performing. Our team's unique understanding of how data flows across networks is crucial in being able to deliver results.

This powerful technology is available as an API so it can be integrated into nearly any software or hardware environment.

Network Connection Satellites

Powered by NetQCheckTM, hardware and software NCSs can be deployed quickly and securely to provide testing edge points within any network.


MCS supports a family of highly secure, solid-state, Network Connection Satellite (NCS) device. NCS devices are designed for the data center (1U rack-mountable) and support 2-16 1Gbps NCS ports. Portable 2-port devices are provided for field support engineers.

Portable NCS devices are designed to support all standard MCS testing. Two 1Gbps ports provide an independent integrated I-point and e-point client which allows a single device to run an accurate test, without an operating system and shared application overheads, as both client and server.

A solid-state NCS eliminates all threats from deployment in a public or private domain. Additionally, tests can be run in a customer private network, accurately, safely, and securely, because a NCS eliminates the requirement for an assessment test to be hosted directly on customer-owned equipment.

The NCS devices support extensive Quality metrics, which are not available when testing using soft NCSs and MCS.


Soft NCSs can be deployed in seconds and support Windows, Mac, and Linux. They support all standard MCS tests and can act as both client and server, meaning they can test between each other when deployed.

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