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Traceroute Discovery

The route network traffic takes can have a big impact on the performance of business applications and services.

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What is a traceroute?

A traceroute is a diagnostic tool used to track the path that packets take across a network. When you perform a traceroute, it shows you the number of hops or network devices that the packet passes through from your computer to its destination, along with the round-trip time (RTT) it takes for the packet to travel each hop.

Here are some of the things that a traceroute can tell you about your network:

A traceroute provides valuable information about the performance and reliability of your network. You can identify potential network issues and take steps to optimize your network for better performance.

The MCS Traceroute

A benefit of the traceroute performed by MCS is that it's bidirectional.

A bidirectional traceroute, also known as a "reverse traceroute," traces the path of packets from a destination back to the source. Unlike a regular traceroute, which only traces the path of packets from the source to the destination, a bidirectional traceroute provides information about both the forward and reverse paths.

Here are some benefits of a bidirectional traceroute:

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