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User Experience

The user experience is all that matters. Understanding just what that entails, and how to test it, is a key driver of the MCS solution. Bandwidth increases year on year, so why is user experience still the number one problem?

voip bandwidth

Defining the User Experience

To a business, making sure the user experience is as rewarding as possible is paramount.

Examples of a poor user experience would be:

Poor networks cause these negative experiences.

Networks can fail to perform for many reasons and MyConnection Server (MCS) can help uncover the problems so solutions can be reached and the user experience improved.

Testing the User Experience

MCS offers various test types, which specialize in different aspects of network assessment. For the user experience, a comprehensive test would include, at least, a VoIP, Bandwidth Quality, and Capacity test.

The benefit of running a comprehensive test is a complete picture of the various aspects of a network, which can have an impact on each other. A VoIP problem could be due to a lack of capacity.

For example, video meetings could be failing because the capacity of the network is not sufficient for the competing network activity.


MCS supports browser and automated testing.

A browser test can be used as a one-off test, giving the user a snapshot of how a connection is performing at that moment in time.

Automated testing can be used to run tests over a long period of time, which increases the chance of finding issues. For example, it may only be one particular time of day where issues occur. Knowing this helps narrow down the cause, which leads to a solution.

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