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MyConnection Server delivers aunique solution to test the quality of any network connection and uncover network errors that impact network performance and application response.

The NCS hardware delivers an automated and managed testing platform that definitively identifies connection problems, both intermittent and persistent, that cause interruptions to data flow resulting in a poor customer experience.

access device NCS hardware

A secure, low-cost platform that accurately measures network quality and performance 24x7, delivering an ideal solution for:

Field Engineers

Dedicated to resolving onsite customer issues and validating new installations, the Access Series devices offer off-platform testing, isolate interference, and eliminate risks associated with customer hardware.


Public domain deployment provides a testing platform without an operating system, eliminating security risks commonly associated with traditional PC and server solutions.

Customer self-assessment

Problem identification enables connection quality and performance testing directly on the customer's desktop.


For new customer deployments, it provides a non-invasive automated solution to validate network quality and performance before rolling out a new application.

Quality assurance

For critical network connections, it offers automated quality testing for multiple connections from a single network edge, 24/7.

Dual-core, multi-port architecture

It offers a single appliance that independently connects two network edge points, providing individually managed platforms that cannot be bridged. This supports network measurement to detect and isolate the source of quality problems.

1u rack mount

Data center ready, 1U rack-mount

Introducing the NCS Cloud Server Rack-Mount Appliance – a versatile and powerful solution for network connection and performance testing.

With configurations ranging from 2 to 16 ports, this 1U device ensures reliable, high-speed performance and seamless integration into your network infrastructure.

Ideal for field engineers and quality assurance teams, the NCS Cloud Server offers a secure, cost-effective way to monitor and optimize network quality 24/7.

portable cxm

Lightweight, portable, CXM

Introducing the NCS CXM Portable Appliance – a compact and powerful solution for testing network connections and performance.

With 1-2 ports and a throughput of up to 1 Gbps, this portable device ensures high-speed and reliable performance on the go.

Ideal for field engineers and customer self-assessments, the NCS CXM offers a secure, cost-effective way to diagnose and optimize network quality anytime, anywhere.

ncs raspberry pi

NCS Enabled Raspberry Pi

Introducing the NCS Raspberry Pi. Supporting both Pi 4 & 5, these small units come pre-installed and configured with our NCS software.

Whilst not as secure or functional as the purpose built hardware, it offers a robust, lightweight, option for in-depth connection testing in the field.

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