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Install and Configure Agent for Android

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Install and Configure Agent for Android

Install and Configure Agent for Android

From the MCS Main menu navigate to the C based Satellites section. This can be found by clicking the Satellites tab, followed by Deploy Satellites then C Based Satellite.

From the resulting list click the Download for Android link, as shown on the right.

This will download a zip file, which contains an Android APK file. Installation is as simple as placing the APK on an Android phone and clicking to install.

Configure the MCS Host

Note: The MCS Server and Work Order must be completed before starting the Agent.

Click on the Set MCS row and type in the host IP/domain, including port number if required, before clicking Save. Use the devices back button to return to the status page.

Set the Unique Name

The Unique name is used to identify results in MCS once a test has completed.

Click the unique name row and enter a name that will make identifying the results on the server easy, then click Save

Set the Work Order

The Work Order is the name of the test to perform. The name entered here must match the name of a remote agent on the host MCS set earlier. So, for example, if a remote agent was created in MCS named SimpleSpeed then entering SimpleSpeed for the work order will instruct the agent to run all tests associated with that remote agent. Click here for help creating a remote agent.

Click the work order row and enter the name of a remote agent, then click Save

Start Agent

Click the Stopped button to start the agent. The button should then change to Green and then, if all is well, the Agent Status section will reflect the test running.


Results in the MCS database will appear as a combination of the Work Order name and the Unique name, as shown on the right.