Run the BCS app on Mac

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Run the BCS app on Mac

Download the Installer

Go to the BCS download page and click the download button for Mac

download bcs installer

Auto download

The installer should auto download a few seconds after the page loads. The download functionality differs between browsers. The image below is from Chrome.

auto download bcs

Click on the arrow next to the download and choose "Show in Finder".

Open DMG

Double click the DMG file to open it. A window should pop up that contains the PKG installer file.

bcs dmg

If not the DMG may appear as a disk image in Finder, like the image below. Click on this to find the installer PKG file and the installation readme.

bcs disk image mounted

Run the installer

Double click the bcs_mac.pkg file to start the installation process.

bcs pkg right click open


Follow the installer prompts to completion. The BCS runs in the background, there will be no user interface.

To ensure the BCS installed correctly and is running click here.

If all is well a green Successful message should appear on the page.

bcs install done