Create a sync timer

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Create a sync timer

Create a Sync Timer

Click the SWO Sync Timer List link the administration menu.

sync swo link

Enter timer criteria

There are three main elements to creating a sync timer.

1. Name

Enter a reference name for the timer. This is used to identify it elsewhere in the product.

2. Timer function

Count up timers are used to ensure tasks do not run at the same time.

Count down timers are used to ensure tasks are synced to start together.

3. Sync time

This is the time, in minutes, that MCS will enforce to either sync or separate tasks. So, for example, if a count down timer was set to ten minutes MCS will wait for ten minutes to see if any other similar tasks come in and then ensure they all start together.

create a new sync timer

Click Add to finalize the sync timer.

Assign sync timer to a task

This tutorial shows an example of adding a count down sync timer.