Enable NCS server mode

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Enable NCS server mode

Satellites Tab

Enabling a Satellite as a Server allows the satellite to run connection tests from the browser, so it's a very powerful feature.

The first step is to go to the Satellites list in MCS by clicking on the Satellites tab. This will view all the Satellites.

satellites tab

Select Satellite(s)

Locate the Satellite that needs to be enabled and check the box next to its name. Then click the Advanced link at the top of the list.

sat list

Change Server Settings

Check the Change Server Setting box near the bottom of the page and select Satellite/Web from the drop down menu.

To finish click the Apply Changes button at the bottom of the page.

confirm permit

Server Status

The Server Status should now have changed to Enabled. Satellites check-in with the server every couple of minutes so there will be a slight delay in the new status being picked up. Once it does a browser test should appear when browsing to the satellite. The admin menu can still be accessed by going to /myspeed/admin (https://yoursatellite.com/myspeed/admin)

green permit message