Remove speed metrics from the UI

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Remove speed metrics from the UI

View test configuration

Once a test has been published it will appear in the list of published tests. In that list is a link to the test configuration, which is where changes to the user interface can be made. Click the link to view the configuration.

publish test list
Fig 1: Highlighting the test configuration link in the published tests list.

Expand Speed Section

Expand (by clicking the link) the configuration settings for Internet Speed, which is the MySpeed test.

expand speed section
Fig 2: Highlighting the Internet Speed config link.

Modify Speed Metrics

The metrics shown in fig 3 below can be removed (and re-added). Simply remove/add the metrics required and save the configuration. The next time the test runs the chosen metrics will be shown in the GUI.

expand speed section
Fig 3: Highlighting the metrics that can be modified.


A before and after example is shown below.

before config change
after config change