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VoIP & Video Testing

VoIP testing with MCS will improve the user experience and increase the uptime of VoIP related services, like video conferencing.

voip and video testing

VoIP Success Requires Packets to be On Time

In the case of a VoIP or Video call it's not just one packet that has to be on time, every packet has to be on time, and in both directions.

The definition of time is not measured in seconds, but thousandths of a second!

So, what does this mean for network measurement...?

There are many significant metrics that must be measured on the network to assess that it is able to deliver good quality for audio and video.

The first significant VoIP metrics is Jitter.

Jitter defines the amount of time between the packets traveling in the same direction on the network.

Learn about Jitter

The second significant measure is packets lost.

VoIP packets are never recovered. When a packet is dropped the call quality is threatened.

Learn about Packet Loss

The third significant measure is the amount of bandwidth and how it is used.

Data packets are large and consume bandwidth.

Learn about VoIP Bandwidth

How does MCS help assess if packets are on time?

To ensure quality MCS measures not only Jitter but also peak Jitter, discard Jitter, and average Jitter.

Equally important is packet loss. MCS measures not only packet loss but also the distribution of that loss.

MOS score is also reported, which is the popular metric for overall VoIP health.

Factors that have a big impact on VoIP Quality, such as available bandwidth, are supported by MCS's ability to customize the test for call lines and codecs, which consume bandwidth.

How many calls can your network support?

MCS provides a sophisticated VoIP Capacity assessment, which quickly validates the number of concurrent calls that can operate on any given connection while still maintaining audio quality. This test automatically stops at the bandwidth value where call quality metrics start to fail, namely Jitter and packer loss exceed the threshold defined for the test. This is a bit like putting cars on the road and stopping when cars fail to reach their destination on time. Such a test would essentially identify the exact traffic capacity that initiates the 'Rush Hour'.


Host a VoIP Assessment for your Business

The MCS solution allows you to easily deploy a VoIP/Video assessment portal for your own business. A powerful API allows for endless scope in terms of how the portal is presented to your end-users. Data can be easily segmented and the highly customizable reporting system makes analyzing results easily.

Testing your connection will uncover the true user experience.

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VoIP Testing Deployment Options

voip testing user interface

Browser-based assessment testing allows you to present a customized portal to your end-users, which allows them to assess their home or work connection.

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full network voip testing

Satellite technology. Utilize our powerful MCS Satellites (software and hardware) to create testing points across your network. Continuous testing can then be set up between any and all end-points.

Learn more about MCS Satellite architecture

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