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Updated May 8th, 2023

The Importance of Latency for Network Quality

In the case of real-time voice data transmitted over UDP, the RTT can have a significant impact on the quality of the voice data transmission.

Updated September 19th, 2019

With more and more customers complaining about their online experience, is network monitoring up to the job?

In the digital era, consumers have more choice than was ever imagined a little over a decade ago. The well-worn phrase, 'competition is only a click away', defines the sentiment that reinforces the expectation of both consumer and supplier alike.

Updated August 23rd, 2019

Do 'Network Monitoring' solutions Help or Hinder the Online Customer Experience?

Considering the very large investments made by businesses and service providers in network monitoring solutions, why is poor service quality still the number one complaint from online customers?

Updated December 28th, 2018

London Olympics traffic light policy changes exposes identical problems for Internet traffic

For those who have had the privilege of driving in London you will be only too aware that traffic moves at a snail's pace throughout the day and then slows down during rush hours. Traffic demand that exceeds the capacity of extremely narrow roads delivers the expected result of frustratingly long delays.

Updated July 8th, 2018

Does lack of Net neutrality destroy the benefits of network monitoring?

What is Net Neutrality? In simple terms it is the principle that all Internet users are equal and there are no restrictions imposed by Internet service providers on user's content, on the publisher or the content, on the usage of the content or performance of the flow of content.

Updated January 15th, 2018

Popular Myths about Internet Speed

Every time an advertisement for an Internet Service provider appears in the media, the focus is to aggressively extol the virtues of 'so many' megabits per second. These advertisements are designed to increase sales, playing to the Internet users obsession with 'speed'.