Publish a test page to a NCS

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Publish a test page to a NCS

Click Publish link

Click Publish a Test from the Tools menu, which is found on the MCS main menu.

publish link

Choose Web Page

Click the Web Page option

publish to web page

Select Test to Run

Click a test to run. In this example a Speed test will be chosen. The bottom section of the page is where custom tests are located. Custom tests can run more than one test and can have altered test specifications.

choose test type to run

Select Page Template

This step is used to showcase various page customisation options. This example will just use the basic page. All the options seen so far can be added at a later date.

page template options

Select Test Template

Each test type also has customisation options, some of which are options here. These can also be changed later. For now choose Default Speed test.

test template options

Choose Publish Options

Enter a name for the test and then be sure to check one or both of the check boxes shown below.

To publish to an Access Device make sure the Access Device box is checked and to publish to a NQC Satellite make sure the NQC Satellite box is checked.

Click the Submit button to finalize the publishing procedure.

publish to satellite


It will likely take a couple of minutes for the Satellite(s) to pick up the newly published test.

Remember that Satellites must have server capability enabled to be able to serve a browser test.