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MCS tests, measures & reports the performance and health of any network connection, LAN or WAN. MCS is an access everywhere web based enterprise solution.

The MCS distributed satellite architecture delivers a powerful, low-cost, centrally managed, deployment model which is able to address the measurement requirements of global enterprise networks.

The MCS unique Access platform technology also integrates into satellite architecture to deliver a virtually impenetrable platform, void of an operating system, that is able to measure quality as well as performance, for any network connection anywhere in the world. Finding, isolating and reporting quality problems quickly removes threats to the user experience.

Over the past four years I have used MyConnection Server for WAN circuit baseline and commit rate validating. Use of MCS has helped me understand how last mile carriers use various mechanism to shape/policy our traffic. This tool truly shines when connections begin to degrade and I am able to provide the carrier with data that clearly identifies when the circuit began performing poorly. I have also used the data to distinguish between good and superior peering partners.

- Vulcan, Dennis Walcott

Key Areas of the MCS Solution

data assessment

Data Quality Measurement

Network Quality is key to the user experience, so why doesn't anyone measure it?

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voip assessment

VoIP & Streaming Assessment

Accurate measurement of a networks ability to deliver time dependent data, such as VoIP, collaborating & conferencing.

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Bandwidth, Capacity, Performance

Bandwidth, Capacity & Performance

Increasing bandwidth doesn't always mean an improved user experience. Capacity utilization is vital to the user experience

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Secure Architecture by Design

Secure Architecture by Design

Delivers an inbuilt web architecture designed to eliminate Internet threats

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Network Service Assessment

Network Service Assessment

Performance measurement of critical network services, such as DNS, FTP, Routers etc.

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Network Pre-qualification

Network Pre-qualification

A single test does not define how a network performs. Consistent testing over time is essential for application success.

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an example report

Automated Report Publishing

MyConnection Server delivers a integrated publishing system in version 11 that compliments the MCS 10 standard tabular reporting system.

The purpose of the publishing system is to collect accurate network measurement data from any size of network and provide the services to collate, analyze and distribute the data to those who need it, in a format that ensures the information presented addresses the business purpose for which the data was collected.

MCS publishing is not unlike a business shareholder report. Such reports allow a board of directors to present meaningful information relating to the performance of a public company. To be successful a such reports must present the key business metrics in a format that clearly demonstrates how well (or not) the business is doing and why.

MCS publishing delivers a range of services specifically designed to extract test result metrics while applying the means to collate, analyze and format the data. The ability to integrate the intelligence to interpret results delivers a solution that exposes problems and can document the explanations, reasons and actions for change.

Case Studies & Articles

Network Monitoring

In the digital era, consumers have more choice than was ever imagined a little over a decade ago.

With more and more customers complaining about their online experience, is network monitoring up to the job?

Bandwidth Obsession

Over the last 20 years the number one recommendation to resolve network experience problems has been 'get more bandwidth'. However, despite bandwidth increasing by several orders of magnitude, a poor user experience still remains the no. 1 complaint.

Bandwidth Obsession Part 2

Part 2 extends this discussion to introduce the importance of network quality and the user experience. Reading Part 1, see left, is recommended for better understanding of key network measurement concepts.