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Secure Architecture by Design

MCS was designed from the outset to deliver a secure web service solution, out of the box, with no reliance on any additional external applications or system services.

Security Design

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This approach enabled the MCS solution to deliver an integrated web and data services architecture, such as browser access anywhere/everywhere, while removing threats associated with support of server scripting, binary execution, fraudulent URLs and other operating system threats exposed through access to OS data layer assets. Penetration attacks that are so common to commercial web-server applications cannot impact MCS because of its secure web framework.

Satellite Benefits

The MCS satellite architecture extends MCS testing services across any size of global/cloud network. Delegating testing services (client or server roles) to MCS satellite applications, allows the MCS solution to adopt the same integrated web architecture benefits afforded to MCS. This approach allows the MCS management application to reside in a private (client or server) and secure network domain, independent of and isolated from the higher threat of public domain deployments.

Security & Cost

The MCS Satellite architecture was designed to deliver a cost-efficient secure software and hardware solution. The MCS Access Series hardware satellite was uniquely designed to deliver MCS compatible server/client testing services, embedded on a single solid-state platform, devoid of any commercial operating system. Eliminating the operating system layer, and with it, the additional threat layers such as, file system, executable binaries, scripts, utilities , sensitive system data and memory assets, delivers a testing platform that is safe from the significant threats that target and virally spread directly from commercial OS platforms. The Embedded satellite design allows MCS Access Series satellites (server and client) to be deployed safely in the public domain without the costly security infrastructure mandated for such deployments.

The solid state architecture delivers an extensible Quality Assessment web solution that supports both client (portable) and data-center deployments. Eliminating the OS layer also delivers close to zero percent overhead (‹0.04%) for highly accurate connection measurement void of OS inaccuracies, with the added benefit of low operational running costs and almost zero heat emissions.

Commercial Risks

MCS Software satellite delivers the same architecture as the Access Series hardware satellites. Software satellites implement the same MCS web testing services on commercial OS platforms such as Windows, Linux, MAC, Android and iOS while also delivering a very thin footprint for both server and client testing roles. Software satellites operate the same integrated access anywhere/everywhere solution to support VM environments, global and cloud-based networks while delivering an architecture that eliminates access to the underlying file system, executable binaries, batch scripting or OS data assets. Software satellites implement a single no-install-required thin executable, however, to support reboot recovery and other system interrupt requirements, software satellites support an installation process where required.

Data Integrity & Threats

Viral data threats that spread through file penetration attacks are eliminated as part of the satellite security architecture. The Satellite data management engine has no requirement for an underlying file system, therefore all data assets solicited from MCS by any satellite (hardware or software) operates strictly as a one-way street. All files delivered to a satellite, regardless of platform, can never be accessed, retrieved or returned to its source via the OS. Independent OS penetration threats and other application threats that share the commercial platform with the MCS satellite will obviously still exist.