Creating a work order

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Creating a work order

Satellite Tab

Click the Satellite tab from the MCS main menu

satellite tab

Click Create

Click the Create link in the Tools menu to the right of the Satellites list.

create link

Choose a Test

Choose a test for the work order to run. The work order can be edited at a later date so tests chosen at this stage aren't set in stone. In this example a Speed test was chosen.

choose a test

SWO Frequency

The next two choices are related to how the SWO should run. Either indefinitely with a set pause between tests or finitely (x amount of tests then stop). Simply choose the option needed and proceed to the next step. Interval between tests can be changed in the SWO at a later date.

swo test frequency

Publish Options

The final step required step is to choose a name for the SWO. Other options include how the SWO is delivered and custom result tagging.

These can be ignored if the SWO is to be assigned to a Satellite (Access Device/NQC Satellite).

publish swo