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Installing the Satellite on Windows

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Installing the GUI Satellite on Windows

Download the Satellite

The direct link to the Satellite download page is https://your mcs url/myspeed/admin/deploysatellite

To reach this page via the menu system go to the Satellites tab

sat tab

Then click on Deploy Satellite

deploy satellite

Now click on the Windows download link. This will download a file named win_nqcsatellite.exe

download windows satellite

Run the Executable

When the executable is first run it will ask the user for three pieces of information, as shown below.

win sat exe

Test Server Domain: Enter the domain or IP of test server. For example if the MCS was running at then that is what should be entered.

Report Data: Enter a tag name to identify results. When a test is run results get put into the MCS database. This name will help identify those results.

Test Name: Enter the name of the test to run. Valid names will appear in the MCS published tests list. Note that these tests must be of type Agent, not web page.

Run as a Service: This requires administrative privileges. When checked the Satellite will run each time the machine boots.

Running Tests

The Satellite will then connect to the test server and begin running the work order assigned.

During this time there will be various status changes, such as running tests or waiting for next test interval. These will be visible in the bottom left hand corner of the Satellite GUI, as shown below.

sat status