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Running Satellite App on Mac

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Running Satellite App on Mac

Download the Satellite

The direct link to the Satellite download page is https://your mcs url/myspeed/admin/deploysatellite

To reach this page via the menu system go to the Satellites tab

sat tab

Then click on Deploy Satellite

deploy satellite

Now click on the Mac App download link. This will download a file named

download mac satellite

Unzip & Open the App

Double click the ZIP file to extract the file. Double click to start the Satellite.

run app
open warning
As the app did not come from the app store it requires acknowledgement before running.

Run a test using the app

When the app launches it will ask for some input in order to run a test.

app settings

Test Server Domain - This is the domain or IP of the host MCS.

Test report alias name - This is a friendly name that will be used to identify results as a Session ID.

Manage tests at the server - When this checkbox is checked the Satellite App will require autorization from the server itself and can then be manually assigned work.

Test name to run - Satellites can automatically run a test without manual authroization by specifying a valid SWO (Satellite Work Order) name. Be sure to leave the checkbox unchecked if using this setting.