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Windows satellite from command prompt

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Windows satellite from command prompt

Download the Satellite

The direct link to the Satellite download page is https://your mcs url/myspeed/admin/deploysatellite

To reach this page via the menu system go to the Satellites tab

sat tab

Then click on Deploy Satellite

deploy satellite

Now click on the Windows download link. This will download a file named win_nqcsatellite.exe

download windows satellite

Command Line Options

From the command line type nqcs ? to view the latest available options, as shown below.

win sat installer

Example Options

The basic example below would install the satellite as a service. It would then connect to on port 80 (post specified purely as an example, only ports other than 80 need to be specified). The Satellite will appear in MCS with the unique name NQCSat.

nqcs -uNQCSat install

When looking at the Satellite list in MCS the Satellite will look something like the image below.

example satellite in mcs