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PPF All Data Widget

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PPF All Data Widget

PPF All Data widget

The purpose of an all data widget is to simply provide all the data for a data set in raw format. All the preset widgets use the data in raw format, so, in providing the data in this way to the end user it allows for the creation of custom widgets etc.

Below is an example of ALL the options available when defining an 'all data' widget. Some options are required, the options that are not required don't need to be defined unless something other than default is desired.

var ppf_widgets = {
    example_alldata: { //Name of widget, these must be unique within the ppf_widget definitions
        type: 5, //Required
        funcs: ['alldata(||data.speeddata||)'], //Required
        depend: [ 
            ['endofmonth', 'tuesday'],
            ['endofweek', 'wednesday']

Defining an All Data widget

Key Value

Required. All data is type 5 and must be defined. When defined it should look like this

type: 5

The all data widget requires a JavaScript function to be defined.

The format for asking for 'all data' is ||data.datasetname||. For example, ||data.speeddata||, as shown below. This will get all the data for the data set "speeddata". The data will be passed to the function named alldata, which would require creating.

funcs: ['alldata(||data.speeddata||)']

For more on where to find the name of a data set click here.

depend Click here for dependency information.