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Building a PPF

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Building a PPF

Building a PPF

A PPF (Publication Parameter File) file is the driving force behind getting the data from MCS onto a report in a user friendly way.

Files are JavaScript object based can be made up of any of the following.

System Use

A PPF MUST include certain information that is used by MCS. If this data is missing the report won't be able to process. Click here to learn more.

Data Sets

Data sets simply define the data you want to use from MCS. This is similar to viewing reports within MCS itself in that you define your data by time frame, test type, session ID etc. Click here to learn more.


Widgets allow the data to be displayed. Widgets include graphs, tables, text, and more. Click here to learn more.


Variables allow you to define commonly used objects. This saves the same information being duplicated. Click here to learn more.


Expressions are basically JavaScript functions. They allow data to be passed to a function. This is commonly used to perform calculations on the data, which makes reporting very powerful in that they adapt to the data. Click here to learn more.