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PPF Widgets

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PPF Widgets

PPF Widgets

Widgets are a way to use the data retrieved from data sets in a report.

They range from data widgets, such as a graph or table, to report widgets, such as page refresh and image.

Click here to see how widgets are defined in a PPF file.

  • Graph: Display data in a graph view.
  • Table: Display data in a table view.
  • Summary: Display a summary of the data in a table format.
  • Indicator: Display individual indicators, like traffic lights, for metric results.
  • Text: Output text to the report.
  • All Data: Get all the data for a data set in raw format. This allows for greater flexibility as users can create their own views and widgets if desired.
  • Refresh: Adds a page refresh timeout to a report. The timeout isn't visible but the page will refresh every x minutes.
  • Image: Add an image to the report. Images can be added manually to the report but must be uploaded to MCS in order to use. Using the image widget allows images to be imported from other sources.
  • Tile: A tile can be used as a button to link to other resources.
  • Threshold Pie Chart: The threshold pie widget is designed to give a quick inidication as to the spread of a specific metrics results.

How are widgets defined in the a PPF file?

The links above will explain the nuances of each widget. The details below will explain how to integrate them into the overall PPF file.

var ppf_widgets = { //RESERVED. All widgets MUST be part of the ppf_widgets variable name
    graph: {
        //Graph widget definition would go here
    table: {
        //Table widget definition would go here
    image: {
        //Image widget definition would go here