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PPF Refresh Widget

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PPF Refresh Widget

PPF Refresh widget

As reports have the ability to show data as recent as a minute old the refresh widget can be used to ensure the report HTML page auto refreshes.

Below is an example of ALL the options available when defining a text widget. Some options are required, the options that are not required don't need to be defined unless something other than default is desired.

var ppf_widgets = {
    example_refresh: { //Name of widget, these must be unique within the ppf_widget definitions
        type: 6, //REQUIRED
        interval: 1, //Refresh interval in minutes, lowest is 1
        depend: [[]]

Defining a refresh widget

Key Value

Required. Refresh is type 6 and must be defined. When defined it should look like this

type: 6

Define how often the report HTML page should refresh. The setting is in minutes. The lowest setting is 1 minute.

interval: 5
depend Click here for dependency information.