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Publishing is a powerful feature that makes brings the data collected by MCS to life.

Reports can be published either to MCS itself or to a remote web server using our flexible Publication Satellite. Reports are completely custom (we provide some examples), which means how they look and feel is completely up to the user.

The basis for reports involves a combination of HTML, CSS and PPF files. PPF is a Visualware extension and this is the file that drives the data shown in a report.

Reports can be as simple or as detailed as required. We provide some standard widgets (like graphs and tables) to make displaying the data in an easy to understand manner easy.

Publishing Tab

The publishing tab in MCS contains some example reports in the main body of the view and some tool options on the right, as shown below.

publishing tab

The example reports will be blank on a fresh install as no tests have been run yet. To get some data in the database for the reports to access check out our example tests.