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Database Reporting

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Database Reporting

Database Reporting

The reporting tab in MCS contains all the data from all the test types. If a test was performed this is where the results will be.

Some key areas of the page are indicated below.

  • Filters :: There are lots of ways to filter the results that appear on this page, from timeframe to result thresholds. Click the link to reveal the filters to choose from.
  • Run report again :: A shortcut link to simply run the same report again. This saves having to geenrate the report fromm the filters section just to run the same report.
  • Auto refresh :: When checked the report will auto-run every 5 minutes, ensuring that anyone looking at the screen will always have the latest information
  • Export :: An easy way to export the results to text or excel for further analysis.
  • Date/Time :: The date/time stamp for each test links to a detailed report that gives more anaylsis points.
database report overview
Report Overview