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Enter a License Key

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Entering an MCS license key

Go to Licensing

Click the Licensing option from the Administration panel in the MCS main menu.

Click licensing link
Click licensing link

Copy the Key

Copy and paste the license key from the Visualware Confirmation Email into the Main License Key text box. Once pasted click the Update button.

enter license key
Enter license key

Choose Plugins

Some license keys don't allow all plugins. When this is the case a choose plugins button will appear after entering a key. Click this to choose the desired plugins.

choose plugins button
Choose plugins button

The number of allowed plugins is shown at the top of the page.

Select the plugins by checking the boxes. Once complete click the Submit Choices button.

choose plugins
Choose plugins

Verify Plugins

After submitting the plugin choices the license screen will state which plugins have been enabled. Simply verify that they match what was chosen.

Plugins selected
Plugins selected