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Installing on Linux

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Download the TAR/RPM

Click here to download the latest MyConnection Server for Linux (TAR).

For more information (and the RPM file) see the download page in full or the new release notes.

Untar the Install Script

Untar the install script using the command below.

tar -xvf myconnectionsvr.tar

Run the Configure Script

Run the script using the commands below.


and on Solaris or FreeBSD


Note: to install MCS as a regular user (not a super user) use sh nosu. However, we recommend installing as a super user.

Working through the Install Script

The install script will prompt the user with some questions. These are detailed below.

Installation directory
install directory linux

Hit enter to accept the default directory or specify a new directory, for example /home/mcsinstall

Note: if an installation of MCS already exists in the chosen directory a prompt will appear to confirm the overwrite.

Run Automatically
run automatically linux

To ensure MCS starts on every reboot answer Y to this question.

Browse to the Main Menu
running on linux

The installation will end with an IP:Port combination where the MCS main menu will be running. An alternate IP:Port can be chosen in the MCS General Config.