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Satellites Overview

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Satellites Overview

Satellites Overview

MyConnection Server provides two separate Satellite technologies, the first is a Java based (agent only) Satellite Server, the second is the new 'C' based NQC Satellites that were released in MCS version 9.8a.

Both satellite technologies (Java and NQC) support a server mode for 'remote agent' (RA) testing as part of the existing MCS CAT license. In other words a Satellite is able to establish additional edge points in the network that an agent can test to without the need to run a full MCS Server.

The NQC Satellite is also able to support Web Browser testing, not just remote agent testing. This means that an NQC satellite can be used in place of an MCS Server to establish additional edge-points in an enterprise network that can support browser self-help testing, which would otherwise require a full MCS Server.

The NQC Satellites operate in the same manner as the Access Cloud Server Rack Mount and AccessCXM portable appliance servers. The only exception is that NQC Satellites cannot run a TCP quality assessment test.

The NQC Satellites support devices such as iOS, Android and Windows phone in addition to Windows, Linux and MAC platforms.

NQC technology is also available as a full SDK. This allows MCS testing technology to be integrated into Applications and other suitable network devices such as VoIP phones, Routers, Switches and Firewalls.

For more information on NQC technologies please contact sales.