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PPF Variables

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PPF Variables

PPF Variables

PPF variables are useful when one piece of information is going to appear in numerous sections of the report. Assigning this information to a variable will avoid repetition and make changes quicker, if required.

var ppf_vars = { //ppf_vars is reserved for PPF use and is where variables are defined.
    //Format is variable name: variable value. Values can themselves contain variables
    cr: "© Copyright Visualware $$repvars.year$$, all rights reserved for internal use only.",
    year: "2020"

Extracting the value of a variable for use in another widget (for example the text widget) is done like so...


The example directly above would look for a report variable named cr and return its value.

The value of cr in the very first example on this page also contains a report variable. So, if $$$$ was called the return value would be...

© Copyright Visualware 2020, all rights reserved for internal use only.

Note that the $$repvars.year$$ variable has been substitued, too.