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Upgrading MCS

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Upgrading MCS

Stop the MCS Service


In the list of Windows services locate Visualware MyConnection Server. Right click and choose Stop. This will stop the service.

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Open the Run dialog, type "services.msc", and click the OK button to launch the services admin panel.

Windows Services
Open the services admin panel

Scroll down to find the "Visualware MyConnection Server (#XXXXX)" listing. Right click and choose Stop from the menu to stop the service.

Mcs Service
Stop the MCS service


Inside the MCS installation folder will be the script. Run this to stop the service, this can take upto 10-15 seconds. Once stopped move to the backup step.

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From a Linux SSH prompt, browse to the installation directory for MCS. Now use the sh command to stop the MCS service. See below for an example.

Browse to MCS installation directory
Browse to MCS directory and stop the service


To backup simply copy the current MCS installation directory to a save directory. This ensures that, should the upgrade not go as planned, the original install can be recovered.

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To backup MCS on Windows simply take a copy of the entire installation directory.

To backup on Linux the command below can be used. There are many ways to copy directories on Linux. rsync is one of the more robust and has more options. Our example includes...

-a: This option enables the recursive mode and preserves symbolic links, special and device files, modification times, group, owner, and permissions. It's a quick way to ensure the directory is copied in its entirety and maintaining its properties.

-v: This will give more detailed information about what rsync is doing. To show no output during the copy don't use this option.

--delete: This tells rsync to delete any files in the destination directory that are not present in the source directory.

--ignore-existing: This option will skip updating files that already exist in the destination and only overwrite files that are newer in the source directory.

--delete and --ignore-existing can make future backups quicker as it only copies files it needs to.

Backup MCS
rsync command to backup MCS on Linux

Install the Latest MCS

For both Windows and Linux you can simply install the latest MCS over the current installation folder.

Installing MCS on Windows

Installing MCS on Linux

The service will automatically start once the install completes.

Satellite Upgrades

Note: MCS 11.0a+ contains increased security protocols. This change requires that all NQC and Access Satellite be upgraded to the latest firmware. To request the latest Access Series firmware click here. For NQC Satellites the latest install kits are in the MCS install root directory.

Update Publishing System Files

By default the publishing system files do not automatically update. New report publishing features and fixes will not be active until this is done. For details on how to do this click here.