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Globally Define Tildes

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Globally define tildes

Globally define tildes

A tilde that is defined globally within MCS can be used anywhere in the report publicaiton realm. The tilde, at the time of publication, will get translated to its assigned value. Tilde values are flexible in that they can be over-ridden at runtime for certain publications should the need arise.

Defining a tilde globally in MCS is done in the General Configuration page. To get to this page click the General Config link in the administration section of the MCS main page, as shown below.

general config
General Config

Scroll down to the global tilde section. This is where tildes can be defined.

global tilde section
Global Tildes

The example in the image above shows the required format, which is ~tildename~=tilde value. The example above shows a tilde by the name of copyright being given a value of Visualware Inc.

Now, ~copyright~ can be used in any area that relates to report publications and it will adopt the assigned value. It is possible to override a global tilde when setting up a report publication.