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Tildes in a PPF

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Using tildes in a PPF file

Tildes in a PPF

Any tilde that appears in a PPF will be translated, at the time of report publication, to the value it was assigned. If a tilde is included in the PPF that hasn't been assigned a value globally it won't be replaced; it will remain as is. However, all tildes present in a PPF can be defined when creating a publication, so, they don't have to be globally created.

The example below shows how a tilde could be used in a data set.

var ppf_datasets = {
    data: {
        voipqualitydata: {
            plugins: ['speed', 'voip'],
            last: '1',
            unit: 'hour',
            sid: ['~sessionid~'],
            by: ~bymins~
    cb: location.protocol + "//" +,
    thresholds: ['default'],
    calendars: ['default']

There are two tildes specified above: ~sessionid~ and ~bymins~. In this specific example they will determine the session ID (used to indentify data in the MCS database) and the time aggregate for the data set.

The values of these tildes can either be set globally and/or set at the time a publication is scheduled.

For an overview of tildes and how they can be used powerfully click here.